Futura Restauri

        Futura Restauri is working with interiors, exteriors, commercial or domestic organizations, large or small flats. With over 30 years of experience we have a great expierence of doing our work and have a good team of skilled professionals to make your decorating vision a reality.The owner Salvatore Mannino, who is also directly involved in the execution of the work: the working team management and also of the relationship with the customer.

        We offer quality all surface painting solutions, restauration, referrals and decoration to be succeed in our clients expectations. Our communication is effective that we can understand your needs and can deliver a good solutions to meet them.

       With our company Futura Restauri you can be sure in repairing, decorating and improvement job as it is requested that our client will be sure of high quality of job done. We have the tools, skill and experience to deliver a professional job. Every request of the customers would be combine with quality execution at a fair price. 

       We are situated in Piombino(Li), Italy and can work all over the Toscana. Please do not hesitate to contact us for your needs and ideas of making your home/organization more comfortable and cozy.

        Experience, knowledge and professional quality are guaranteed with Futura Restauri.

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